Protection Cathodique des balcons

Protection Cathodique des balcons

Fortius Composieten voor Belfort in Bergen/Mons, culturele hoofdstad van Europa

Momenteel is Mons/Bergen de culturele hoofdstad van Europa.

De 87 meter hoge en unieke barokke toren van het Belfort in Bergen (Mons) werd opgericht tussen 1661 en 1669.

Om conform te zijn met de nieuwe normen voor musea was het nodig houten balken die houten roostervloeren dragen te versterken.

Om de draagkracht van deze houten balken te verhogen werden er koolstofvezellamellen met hoge modulus van Fortius uit Diest gebruikt.

Eerst werden er sleuven in de zijkanten van de houten balken gefreesd (zie foto). In deze sleuven werden dan de Fortius koolstofvezellamellen verlijmd.

Enkele voordelen van het versterken met de Fortius lamellen in sleuven aan de zijkanten van de balk zijn: de renovatie is bijna niet zichtbaar en de lamellen zijn beter beschermd tegen brand.

Verder gebruikte de aannemer ook nog de Aslan-glasvezelstaven van Fortius om elementen uit blauwe steen te verankeren met het achterliggend metselwerk van het belfort. Zoals ze recent ook een boogstructuur verankerd hebben in de abdij van Averbode en pilaren in de St.Trudokerk van Peer

GFRP rebars for renewal of roof – domes of Cathedral in Tenerife

The restoration project of San Cristobal de La Laguna Cathedral, in the island of Tenerife used Aslan 100 in the ribs, beams and columns of the roof . This Cathedral was built in the early 1900 and one of the first Spanish projects to use concrete as structural material and the adverse climate conditions in the zone caused, along the years, a considerable damage in the whole roof.

After being closed to the public for 12 years, in 2011 it was finally decided to undertake the complete substitution of all the domes and vaults of the temple, with the determination to use an innovative mix of fiber-reinforced concrete and GFRP rebars for the project in its entirety, avoiding further corrosion problems.

Architect José Miguel Márquez and CESMA Engineers were commissioned to develop the replacement project, which had to respect the initial state and spirit of The Cathedral while fitting in a tight budget.

The 22 domes , beams and pillars are all reinforced with the Aslan 100, GFRP rebars of Fortius.

Vault/wall consolidation of Sint Donatus Tower

The Sint Donatus tower in the citypark of Leuven, was part of medieval city walls and was built in 1150. This tower will be transformed into a touristic attraction in the park.

Triconsult, a specialised engineering consultant was called in to advise on the stability and restoration of the tower. Aslan 100 rebars were specified to consolidate the stone blocks of the walls/vault of the tower and to anchor the walls together. Horizontally ,the Aslan 100 GFRP rebars were positioned into the joints and also drilled in vertically. They were used in combination with AFRP-masonry mesh to create a ringbeam to take the horizontal forces of the vault.

Contractor DENYS NV of Gent rebuilt the vault and the walls.