Aslan GFRP rebars for tramways

Aslan 100, GFRP rebars are non ferrous and are electromagnetically inert.

They are made from the same materials as high voltage polymer insulators.

Aslan 100 do not cause current build up in reinforced concrete near electromagnetic fields.

The Aslan 100 rebars are specied and used in prefabricated reinforced concrete rail modules that have integrated detection systems, like the detection systems of Siemens Rail Automation division.

These prefabricated reinforced concrete elements contain the maximum amount of constituents( like the rails, slab, traffic sensors, road paving/covering, etc). The system has been designed to minimise installation time and the quality of the rail system is guaranteed.

These rail elements incorporate the Aslan 100, as main reinforcement.

The Aslan rebars come in different diameters ( from 6 mm to 32 mm).

Fortius can offer design assistance to the engineers and consultants following international standards.

Aslan GFRP rebars for tramways