Renovation fire damaged church Galmaarden Belgium

Confinement of fire-damaged columns.


 The Sint Pieterschurch in Galmaarden, Belgium was built back in the 13th century. In 1772 she was enlarged and completely renovated in 1995. In 2008 the church was almost completely destroyed by a fire (possibly ignited by fireworks).

Architect Karel Breda, together with Triconsult NV, did the analysis of the damage and coordinated the urgent conservation and consolidation works, executed by Building NV ( Herentals, Belgium).

The stone columns needed strengthening by injection of cementitous grouts..

Before injection , the columns were wrapped with C Sheet 240 to prevent damage to the columns due to pressure build up or possible “aquaplanning” induced by the grout.

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ResAc-16, Chemical anchor

ResAC-16 is a styrene free methacrylate resin suitable for high performance fixing applications in masonry and non-cracked concrete.

Safe for use in indoor areas: VOC A+.

The colour of the mortar changes from blue to grey during the curing process. This colour change indicates that the anchor is immediately ready for loading.

Restauration of the wooden piles and beams of the Westerstaktsel in Ostend-One of the longest wooden piers in the world

The Westerstaketsel in Ostend is one of the longest wooden piers in the world (650 meter long, constructed in 1888) and in need of repair to secure the stability. The wooden piles and beams have been repaired with the Aslan, GFRP rebars in combination with epoxymortars.  So less new tropic wood needs to be used. And saving our forests.