GFRP dowels in pavement
Roof reinforcement with GFRP rebars of cathedral in Tenerife
GFRP rebars
CFRP laminate reinforcement
reinforcement of wooden beams
Galvashield XPT, sacrificial anodes
Reinforcement and cathodic protection for civil structures
Welcome to Fortius

FORTIUS is supplying special building products, such as composites and fibres for the construction industry, in particular for the internal and external strengthening of concrete, masonry and wood.

Also different systems to protect steel in concrete and masonry by cathodic protection.

Fortius becomes member of the Concrete Preservation Alliance

The Concrete Preservation Alliance promotes durable and sustainable concrete repair. It is a worldwide network of professionals involved in concrete preservation, concrete repair and concrete restoration. Several topics (cathodic protection, structural strenghtening, galvanic anodes, etc) and investigation techniques are available on the website

The Concrete Preservation Alliance is committed to advancing education in the field of concrete preservation and infrastructure renewal. It shares best practices and spread awareness of new and innovative technologies for the benefit of asset owners and consultants

The purpose of the CPA is to advance the acceptance of good concrete repair and protection practices and to promote the preservation of concrete structures as a sustainable solution.

Webinars registering for Corrosion Assessments for Concrete Bridge Elements

Many of you know about the Concrete Preservation Alliance that Vector has formed over the last couple of years. We have decided to put together a year long webinar program that focuses on the evaluation, repair and protection of bridge structures. Attached you will find an invite you can share will all of your contacts, the webinars will be held at 7:00 AM EDT and 2:00 PM EDT on the scheduled days.

On the attachment you will find the registration link: to be able to register for each event.

If any of you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Galvashield  anodes to protect the Antwerp police tower

Galvashield anodes to protect the Antwerp police tower