GFRP dowels goujons amagnétique

GFRP dowels

GFRP dowels

GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Dowel Bars are used as load transfer devices in concrete slabs and paving. They are also used in Dowel Bar Retro-fits to restore highway paving using a dowel bar that will not rust, corrode and lock the paving joint in the future.

Joint failure is the Achilles heel of concrete paving. GFRP Dowel bars are a 100% non-metallic load transfer device that offers performance similar to traditional epoxy coated steel dowels without the concern that eventual corrosion of the dowel will result in long-term failure of the joint.

Dowels have been used in several research related projects in new construction and as dowel bar retrofits. They have been furnished in high volume for many other commercial projects and are currently used by several DOTS' in areas that are considered electro-magnetically sensitive such as electronic tollbooth lanes.

GFRP Dowel bars extracted from service in Ohio after fifteen years of service were found to be in pristine condition. Adjacent epoxy coated dowels were found to have evidence of corrosion and delaminating of the epoxy coating.

Aslan 600 GFRP Dowel bars are available in diameters of 25 mm, 30 mm. They are available as loose dowels or in non-metallic basket assemblies or as part of a unique dowel bar retrofit assembly