Batisecc, injection material against humidity in walls

Batisecc, injection material against humidity in wall

Synthetic fibers for concrete roads

Synthetic fibers for concrete roads

Cathodic protection for swimming pool
Galvashield CC embedded galvanic anode units are used to control on-going corrosion and to prevent the initiation of new corrosion activity in concrete structures, like swimming pools. Galvashield CC consists of a sacrificial zinc anode core that is activated by the surrounding specially formulated precast cementitious mortar. The cylindrical unit is quickly and easily installed into concrete that is mechanically sound but has on-going corrosion activity. Once installed, the zinc anode corrodes preferentially to the surrounding rebar.
Aslan 100, GFRP rebars for softeye's in tunnels

Fortius supplies different strengthening products for the tunnelling industry and all civil engineering applications throughout the world.

*Steel- and polypropylene fibers are used to manufacture prefabricated tunnel segments and used as reinforcement in shotcrete (gunite).

The use of synthetic fibers for plastic shrinkage control and fire-resistance endurance in tunnel linings is growing.

Steel fibers or structural synthetic fibers, used in stead of conventional steel reinforcement, can provide superior performance with reduced costs from materials, time and labour.

*Glassfiber rebars, Aslan, are used to stabilise the front of tunnels (NATM) and to make a “Softeye” in the start- and/or end-shafts for tunnelling with TBM’s.

Breaking through the reinforced concrete of the shafts with a TBM has always been a challenge for the tunnelling contractors. This because the TBM can not dig through the wall reinforced with conventional steel reinforcement. But this problem has been resolved through the development of the Aslan GFRP rebars. These glassfiber rebars have twice the strength of steel rebars, but can easily be cut by a TBM. This makes them ideal as reinforcement in the area were the TBM will exit or enter the shaft. This are is called the “Softeye”. Recent references of the use of the Aslan GFRP rebars are at the Pesca Nova project of Somague in Portugal, the Thessaloniki Metro, the Docklands LRT in London, Barcelona Metro and in Brussels.